Trip and life with companion − 旅は道連れ、世は情け



– Japanese old proverb

How to pronounce: Tabi wa michi zure, yo wa nasake

Literal translation: Trip is about a companion, the life is about compassion

Meaning: If you’ve got a companion on the way, the trip would be a great one. Just like that, if you’ve got a good mate, your life would be excellent. In turn, this implies the importance of helping each other even though you don’t know each other.

I like this proverb because I’ve got many experiences in feeling that way through traveling around.
I’ve got so much helped by nice people, and I’m hoping to do the same to others too.

Please note I would be away from tomorrow for trip, so I might not be able to update this blog as often as I’ve been doing.
Can’t wait the trip with awaiting companions on the way!

Thanks for visiting this blog,
and wish you have a great day :-)